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Our Story

Buster and founder Melanie Green have been inseparable since he joined the family over nine years ago.  Buster quickly became the cars' mascot. Whether they were driving kids' carpools, running errands, or seeking new outdoor adventures, Buster never missed a ride.

A native of Seattle, Melanie always struggled to keep her car clean and dry from mud, dirt, water and to keep Buster from sliding during every brake or turn.  She tried many different car seat covers but none had the options she was looking for in terms of ease of use, durability, flexibility, simplicity, and safety.  Thus, the introduction of BusterBoy in 2016 for less dirt and a lot less stress.

Since then, BusterBoy's mission of Letting the Rides Begin has turned into a passion for developing products that enhance each ride for their pets and their people.

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