BusterBoy Backrest Protector

Penny with her Bucket Seat Backrest

Lyla with her Bench Seat Backrest

BusterBoyThe Mat


The Backrest

22" x 19"
21" x 38"
21" x 55"




Extra Long

21" x 63"
24" x 21"
24" x 38"
24" x 55"
24" x 63"

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About the

BusterBoy Backrest

Easy Install

In just seconds, install, store, or move to another vehicle.


No pulling or bunching. Minimal buckles or straps.

Heavy Duty

Heat and water-resistant. Doesn't tear or rip.

Easy to Clean

Machine or hand wash and then air dry.

Universal Fit

Fits all cars, trucks, SUVs, Vans, and RVs.

Universal Wet Protector

Ideal for pets, kids, swimmers, surfers, runners, Crossfit, and more.

Easy to Store

Simply fold up and secure with attached fasteners.


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