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BusterBoy Mat

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Buster on his Bucket Seat Mat

Marley on his Bench Seat Mat

Universal Fit

BusterBoyThe Mat

22" x 19"
21" x 55"



Unique Sizes

BusterBoyThe Mat


21" x 38"
21" x 63"

Extra Long

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About the BusterBoy Mat

Easy Install

In just seconds, install, store, or move to another vehicle.


A non-slip ride for your pets.


No pulling or bunching. No buckles or straps.

Heavy Duty

100% waterproof. Heat resistant. Doesn't tear or rip.

Easy to Clean

Simply shake or spray with water to remove hair or dirt. No washing machine needed. 

Ultimate Protection

Keep your vehicles' seats clean and protected from dirt, scratches, and water!


Can easily be used independently or together with the BusterBoy Backrest Protector.

How to Use the

BusterBoy Mat

BusterBoy Mats are made with a top surface that gives traction for your dogs' nails to grip. The underside of the mat has a non-slip surface so that the mat doesn't slip or move on the seat.

BusterBoy Mats can simply be unrolled and placed on your seat! To put it away, simply roll it up, secure it with the velcro fastener, and stow it under your seat. Rolling and unrolling the mat is quick and easy, and your seats will always be ready for your pets or your passengers instantly!

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